Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Alma 4

I've read about the righteous/pride/humility cycle in the Book of Mormon many times (you know, everyone is righteous, then they start to get prideful, they fall away from the church, and then they have to be humbled so they can be righteous again). I believe today is the first time I caught reference that SOME of the people were prideful. It wasn't the whole church going down the bad path - some grew prideful and fell away, but there were others still there faithfully doing the things they should.

I don't know why that strikes me so strongly this morning, but it just feels wonderful to think that even in the midst of the pridefulness and humbling that occurred, there were still those who just quietly went along with living their lives according to the commandments of God. We should remember that even when all around you seem to be doing wrong, you can still continue to do right.

Also - example of separation of church and state when Alma gives the judgement seat to Nephihah so that he (Alma) can be just the spiritual leader instead of both spiritual and secular leader.

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